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Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Gaming |

Gravity Rush Remastered returns to PS Vita PS4, among others adorned with a resolution and a frame rate revised thanks to the talents of Bluepoint Games. Helping an apple fall from the tree fingertip (or via a button this time) by way of introduction, here is a mischievous tribute to Isaac Newton for a work that constantly defies the laws of gravity!001 And this is the blonde haired Kat that is touching forbidden fruit, and our heroine has amnesia anyway – a poor man is called to the rescue. A mysterious tornado threatens to engulf Hexa City, floating city with old European tunes, which began to disintegrate under the suction of the vortex … The storm has passed, Kat decides to restore order in this world broken, and with it in her head, just to recover her memory. As much this introduction is simple, as his presentation is refined out. In parallel kinematics, the important dialogues taking place in the form of jeux gratuits sur PS4 on many levels that it remains possible to move slightly with the motion sensor, like the card in this remastered edition of the game.

This technological feeling gives more relief to these beautiful boards from a very inspired art direction. 002The clean lines of the protagonists detach from these teeming decorations, much more detailed thanks to the extra resolution, as a composite of traditional Japanese manga and Western graphic novels. Especially if the cartoon appearance says again, anti-aliasing smoothing the contours while reducing the coarseness of some remained textures. Besides, how can we not think of the designs of the late Jean Giraud, given the contrast between the solid colors of this industrial-urban theater and vivid hues of heaven, where curious hovering aircraft? The buildings in the distance just like sketches, however, approaching; one realizes that they are part of this vast universe, open in every sense of the word.003The concept of land is revealed here very relative, because just a magic paw of the cat that accompanies that Kat temporarily frees itself from gravity. This gift enables him to fly in all directions, whether to hover in skimming the rooftops or snorkel dive through the catacombs. The trajectory, determined via the right stick – or always gyro incidentally – is also used to define any wall, so she frolics on the walls and even the ceiling. Our feline damsel yet not escape completely the principles of gravity, then applied to the side on which it is located, to the point of downright fall to the sky! Obviously these aerobatic sessions are likely to make your head spin, including the camera sometimes disoriented, so their mastery requires serious training. Gravity Rush Remastered offers a lot fun and content, it is ideal game for this spring…

The Dark Elixir farming with Barbarian and Archers

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Gaming |

Master League is the best place to collect Dark Elixir because of its loot bonus and it’s really hard not to reach the Master leagues within a couple of days, specially with clash of clans gems and resource generator! You can get 560 Dark Elixir for each win in Master League, 740 in Master 2 and 920 in Master 1.

There are a lot of attack strategies that you can use, but if you are searching for an effective and well-organized strategy, we would praise using Barbarian and Archers. If you focus only on the premium victory, it is difficult not to win with Barbarian and Archers.

Here is short preview of total Dark Elixir Bonus according to League – Master 3 2600 – 2799 , Master 2 2800 – 2999 and Master 3 3000 – 3199 amount of Dark Elixir. About spells, use 1xrage, 3xlightning plus 1xpoison spell. If you are at Town Hall 8, just put out lightning and poison out! Here is the best Army composition – Set 3 Barracks for training and 1 Barrack for. You can make Minions and (optional) remove unprotected buildings at the end of the raid. If you increase your Barracks, you must wait 15 minutes to be ready for the next raid. Because you can collect up to 260 gems each month, upgrading your Barracks, and Spells is always valuable.Try to find a base with a large number of structures outside, and use your spells when you are in need of getting last few percentages. It’s really hard not to destroy buildings with lightning 2-3 spells. For Barbarian and Archers level 6 best place for farming is Master 3 League. With level 7Barbarian and Archers, you can easily farm on Master 2 – 2700 – 2850 trophies, or even with the Master level one.

If a base has a lot of walls surrounding and protecting the towers and Heroes just press the Next button. You cannot get 50% of that basic layout style using Barbarian and Archers. Sometimes you can face villages with mortars placed close together. Just use 3 Lightning spells to remove them all. You can also have an easy win when the attack base without lot walls.Another important tip about this strategy is to deploy your troops in waves – Barbarian and Archers should be placed strategically on the map. If you deploy all your units at once, you are risking of losing your troops in short period of time if they came under splash damage attack.

“Hungry Shark Evolution“on iPhone and iPad

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Gaming |


“Hungry Shark Evolution“ is a very popular 3D adventure game available for free in your app store. The game requires iOS 7 or later, and the current version 3.5.0 has the size of 129 MB. The publisher of “Hungry Shark Evolution“ is Ubisoft’s “Future Games of London” (FGOL) and they announced that this is the fifth and the last installment in their famous “Hungry Shark” series. The game was released in October 2012, and it didn’t take long before it won a TIGA Best Game Award in 2013.

Currently it is ranked at 199, on the list from Top Grossing Games with the constant rise in popularity. With a recent special by Discovery Chanel (Shark Week – completely dedicated to these top predators of the ocean), the publishers of Hungry Shark Evolution“ exposed the following data: there are approximately 110.000 active users every day, with 30.000 new installments daily and around $7.700 daily revenue from in-app purchases. Check out his awesome hungry shark money cheat that helped me a lot.

But, what exactly makes it so popular and what attracts all those players? Well, for starters, this is one of the most beautiful games on the market, with surreal colorful environment and great animation of tropical marine life and underwater objects. Interface is also impressive, with easy-to-use commands and clean, simple menus that offer range of improvements and allow for substantial customization of your shark. I said your shark because the player of this game takes form a shark, of course, and then just swims around and eats, eats and eats…Pretty simple, if you put it that way.

Hungry Shark Evolution Naturally, this simplified definition is not all that this game offers, since hours of exciting game time await those who download this highly addictive game from their App Store. Mesmerizing graphics and the constant battle of predator vs. prey is enough to satisfy even the pickiest of customers. Your role of predator is determined also by the fact that sharks have to feed constantly and any longer periods of diet (5-10 seconds) are going to lead to starvation and decline of stamina, i.e. game over. However, if you stick to your nutritionists’ recommendations and devour everything you see in the ocean, even humans – scuba divers and swimmers on the beach, there will be some obvious benefits: with every prey caught you collect coins and gems, and when those points reach maximum for your type of shark – evolution stapes forward and provides a new, upgraded version of the lean mean killing machine. At first you start as a relatively small reef shark, and with enough points the following avatars are available: mako shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, great white shark and a couple of “special” types. All of them can be enhanced by gadgets and items from the Accessory Shop.

Giant world available for exploration, with over 70 missions to complete and 15 Bonus Objects to discover, offers a chance for a lot of playing hours, and since the publisher of “Hungry Shark Evolution“ is constantly upgrading the game with new challenges and exciting content there is no fear that you will ever get bored.

Good and bad sides of puzzle/escape games for Android

Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Gaming |

Smartphones and other portable devices have created the need for simple games that can be played with a few basic moves performed on a touchscreen. Because of this new trend, game developers have created thousands of games like this, and the new ones appear in Google Store every day. Even if you have never been a fan of games, with the trend of them being simple, versatile and easier to get than ever before, you have certainly tried some of them or even started to like them.

There are many different categories of games and users play them for different purposes, but what we want to focus on here are puzzle games. These can also be split in several categories, but our topic will be escape games. All the games in this category are pretty similar, in a way that in every game there is a room from which you have to escape, and a few objects you can find, combine and use in order to do so. As you go on with the game, it becomes more and more difficult to escape. These games started as 2D, but now there are also 3D versions. For whichever reason they are played, they have several very good sides.

First of all, they are not simply a waste of time, because they force the players to think actively while playing. There are many objects you can try out, many of them are hidden and you need to find them first, there are objects that cannot be moved, but serve as a clue, and everything within one room is connected. These games make you think and focus on details and they improve your power of seeing a relation between things. Another advantage is that you can develop or improve logical thinking by playing these games. As you follow the clues and understand what indicates what, you will create new ideas and come up with many creative solutions. What we also see as an advantage is that the rooms are not connected to each other, so everything you use to unlock a door of one room serves only for that room, which makes the games more straightforward and clear. What’s more, all of these games are without any obscene content, so they can also be played by children as well.

However, there are some bad sides. Maybe it is unnecessary to mention, but these games can take you a lot of time (especially in the beginning) because it can happen that you get stuck in a certain room, without an idea how to keep on playing, and other than taking you time, it can also become frustrating. Another disadvantage is, since these games are pretty similar, after playing the same type of the game for a while, you get used to possible methods of combining items, hiding places and ways of giving hints. They differ in each game, but the principle is quite similar, and once you start recognizing it, it can become too easy and therefore not challenging to play.

All in all, despite the disadvantages, this type of games certainly has many good sides, and if you are searching for something that will help you kill some time, but still make it worthwhile, these are the games you should definitely try playing.


Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Gaming |

Anyone who is a fan of the Kardashians, has heard of, and probably also    played the new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. But are the rumors true about Kim earning $85 million solely from the app? There has been some speculation about the mentioned number, but it’s probably not going to happen.

When it came out, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app quickly become a hit in mobile gaming circles, but the predictions about it tripling the star’s income are a taking it a bit too far.

Forbes Magazine published that Kim’s income was $28 million in the year 2013, which is amazing. However, the predictions that she could earn $85 million from the app alone are shocking, and somewhat unbelievable.


The game was released last June for Apple and Android, and according to TMZ news, Kim will receive 45% of the net profits.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game reportedly earned $200 million just this year. Since the expenses are low and won’t be more than $10 million, that would leave $190 million of pure income, of which 45% would go to Kim, which is staggering $85 million.

However, this news is somewhat dressed up. The correct estimate is that the game’s yearly income may reach $200 million, not that it did reach it this year. Therefore, the game actually earned around $100 million, which leaves Kim with $40.5, which is a large amount nevertheless.

Right now the game is the 5th top grossing app for iPhone in the US, so it’s definitely popular and fruitful. It’s somewhat less popular in the UK, where it’s holding position 10.

Glu Mobile, the publisher of the game announced to its shareholders that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has beaten the previous revenue from a single game, and also the record in 16 days.

In order to make $200 million a year the game would need $548 000 revenues a day. That’s not so unrealistic, given that in 2013 Supercell averaged $2.44 million in a day with only two games available.

Even though she is earning a lot of money from this app, Kim is still not earning and probably won’t earn $85 million off it.

The truth is that all that speculation started off from an interview given by one isolated analyst, at which time the game was out for 15 days.

When it comes to mobile and tablet games, there are two ways they end up. Games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Minecraft and Zynga have been around longer and are still earning tons of money. But other games aren’t so lucky. They are around for a while, but soon are left forgotten. If the developers don’t update the game often enough, or if fans don’t lose interest, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood might have a chance, but it’s likely to be just a passing thing. Even so, the game has earned a lot of money and left a trace on the mobile gaming community.

Furthermore the game has also made Kim a very rich woman. We might not be sure about the exact amount she has earned so far, but it’s not negligible. But you can become rich to, in the game atleast. Check out this amazing Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack Tool.

5 Video Game Assassins We Simply Love

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Gaming |

Some assassins are just loveable! If you don’t believe me, check out this list! Here are the top five video game assassins you will surely fall in love with! Or which you will at least enjoy playing with in the virtual world:

  1. HK-47 – KOTOR

The HK-47 Jedi hunter droid was constructed by Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and was sent throughout the galaxy to assassin targets which treat Revan and protect his galactic order. Eventually when Revan is captured by the Jedi Order HK-47’s memory core is wiped out of all the knowledge prior to captivity; therefore he forgets his master and falls from hand to hand. He will practically beg his master to get rid of his enemies instead of him, isn’t that chivalrous? Still, he is a mean killing machine and force to be reckoned with.

  1. Cyborg NinjaGray Fox/Cyborg Ninja

Gray Fox used to be a mercenary and an agent of FOXHOUND. But when you come across him, he creeps in the corridors of Shadow Moses and goes under the name of Cyborg Ninja. Armed with a mighty exoskeleton, Cyborg Ninja challenges Snake to a fistfight. Two FOXHOUND members’ reunion is somewhat ruined though when Gray Fox is crushed by Metal Gear. How can you not feel for the lost soul?

  1. Agent 47 – Hitman

HitmanThe Hitman series of games introduces us to one of the coolest assassins ever – Agent 47 or simply 47, since he was the 47th clone created by Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. In addition to being genetically enhanced, 47 is a highly trained assassin: deadly, stealthy and discreet. If you like to creep up to your target and make murders look like accidents, you should definitely try playing like this ruggedly handsome bald assassin, who may not be the master of gunplay, but can definitely throw people into crocodile pits, poison their soups and whatnot. This silent assassin will surely stole your heart.

  1. AC2_EzioEzzio Auditore – Assassin’s Creed

This Florentine nobleman is best known as the ancestor to Desmond Miles but he is also one mean assassin. This truly renaissance gentleman has tried many things – from Da Vinci’s inventions to defending the Brotherhood. His adventures are truly amazing, but at the same time he is stealthy and definitely one of the most romantic assassins, if that makes sense.

  1. Thane – Mass Effect

Thane_Character_ShotThane is a drell assassin, the most skilled assassin in the galaxy, or so the rumor has it. This deeply spiritual assassin prays before each mission, so that it can end in success. He also asks for forgiveness for reach kill. Well, it’s no wonder a female Shepard may even fall in love with him! Thane prefers killing his targets personally and he uses a mixture of hand-to-hand combat, as well as firearms, biotic abilities and of course stealth.