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5 Ways To Protect Your Phone Screen From Breaking

Once your phone has been dropped, thrown, smashed, or whatever caused it to break…we always see what we could have done to prevent it. What’s that old saying? Oh yeah, hindsight is always 20/20. A lot of these tips may seem like common sense ideas, however, someone that reads this will still break their screen. It’s not always preventable, but if you put these ideas to use it may prevent you from the hassle (and cost) of replacing the screen on that brand new iPhone.

1. Get a case…no, seriously…get one right now!

Protect your phone!
Protect your phone!

I get it, you’re probably thinking “Well, duh, but I don’t want to spend $80 on a new Otterbox”. Trust me, I have been there. Let’s rewind to 2013 when the Samsung S4 was just released. I went to the phone store, traded in my old hunk of junk, and had a brand new S4 in my hands. The sales person said, “Hey, do you want to get a case for that?”. I immediately thought they were just trying to upsell me so I declined. I mean come on, this was now my most prized possession, how the heck could I drop it? Important note: at the time, I repaired helicopters for a living. I went from the store to my job and got to work right away. While standing 10 feet in the air on the tail of a helicopter, I pulled out my brand new S4 to text a co-worker about what tools we needed. She looked so pretty gleaming in the warm, spring sun, I smiled, and went to slide it back in my pocket. However, I completely missed my pocket and sent it flying to the tarmac below me. BAM! Instantly I knew the screen was toast…and…yep, sure enough it was shattered. Now, if I had just purchased that $80 case my brand new phone may have survived. Moral of the story: Get a case!!

2. Keep your phone as low to the ground as possible when setting it down

Store your phone as low to the ground as possible
Store your phone as low to the ground as possible

Seriously, another one of those common sense tips. Don’t set your phone on top of that bookcase that’s 6 feet tall. It’s just math and science at this point. There’s a little attribute here on earth that you may have heard about called gravity. The higher your phone is, the more speed it gains during a fall which results in the amount of force it received on impact. The guys over at Gazelle Labs did an experiment to see just how much your risk of a shattered screen increases by the height of the fall. Interestingly enough, 0% of phones that fell from 1 foot or below suffered a broken screen. The proof is in the pudding, rest your phone as low to the ground as possible!

3. Learn a little dance called the “kick-push-save”

Yeeeeah, so I just made that up. However, it may just become a “thing” because it works. Going back to a falling phone, we discussed the gravitational pull as it plummets to its most certain death. There is a way to soften the blow and prevent the damage! As your phone is falling, it is gaining vertical momentum from the downward force. Obviously, the ideal solution is to catch it before it hits the hard surface below. I don’t know about you, but I am not a skilled ninja that can just react and grab it seconds before it hits the ground. This is where we put the “kick-push-save” to use! As your phone is falling on that vertical plane and gaining momentum, an opposite force from the horizontal plane needs to intervene. By kicking your leg out and contacting the phone, you can push that built up momentum on the other direction. Essentially, your phone will go sliding across the floor instead of meeting head on with the concrete. It’s a little risky but could still save your screen from its untimely demise.

4. Pocket protection, it’s not just for nerds

If you’re like me, your phone is in your pocket a majority of the time. I’ve got another little first person experience to share on this one. At the time, I had an iPhone 4 and loved it. It was in my pockets as I was doing chores around the house, so I thought it was safe. However, I finished up my chores and pulled my phone out to check the latest happening on Facebook. What did I find? A nice crack all the way across my screen. How could this have happened? I had a case for my phone, I didn’t drop it, and it was safely in my pocket? Then it hit me… As I was cleaning up our kitchen, I bumped pretty hard into the corner of a table. The phone in my pocket took the brunt force of this encounter and I thought to myself “wow, glad my phone was there, that would have hurt if my leg took that blow”. The problem was that my phone’s screen was facing outward, so the kitchen table smashed right into the screen! So, when putting your phone in your pocket, ensure the screen is facing INWARD to avoid a stupid little mishap like I encountered.

5. Car seats aren’t just for kids, strap in your phone!

Not a good place to keep your phone
Not a good place to keep your phone

Another place where phones take a lot of abuse is in your car. Whether it flies off the center console or falls down in between the seats, it is subjected to numerous obstacles that could provide you with a shattered screen. I don’t know your driving style, but if you tend to be a little wild behind the wheel your phone may see an above average amount of flight time throughout your car. Wearing your seatbelt is a law (in most states/countries) so why not buckle up your best friend (aka your phone)? While they don’t make a specific seatbelt for phones (that I know of) you can buy a nifty little holder for fairly cheap. Check out this one at Wal-Mart that you can get for $12. It clips right into your CD slot and keeps your phone from becoming a projectile while driving.

While most of these tips are very common sense approaches, I hope it provided you with ideas for protecting your phone. Go ahead and leave a comment to let everyone know your favorite tip for keeping your screen safe!

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