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Welcome to WinGuard.org!

Stay tuned, we will be bringing you all kinds of awesome ways to guard your windows…no, not the Microsoft kind of windows. Let me explain… glass is a fragile part of many of the objects we use.  How about that big sheet-o-glass you stare out of every day as you blaze your way through morning traffic. Ever dropped that fancy iPhone of yours? It seems they install a self-destruct mechanism that triggers on impact…..BOOM!… There goes your screen (at least on the iPhone 7 your headphone jack will be okay….oh wait….too soon?).

We will provide you with numerous ways on how to protect your glass. Ever priced out a new window on your car (or God forbid your house)? That stuff ain’t cheap. Using these ways to protect your windows and glass will help keep those precious dolla dolla bills where they belong (in your pocket, not the strip club….perv).

Welcome to our blog!
Welcome to our blog!

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