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Broken Glass - yeah, we know about that
Broken Glass – yeah, we know about that

The broken glass bandit, whiz-bang of whacking windows, centaur of shattered screens… okay, that got a little weird. Needless to say, my point is that I’ve broken a lot of glass in my life (nearly every time on purpose, riiiiiight). I am one of those people that buy a brand new $400 phone and thinks “nah, I don’t need a case, that’s an extra $50” only to drop my phone 2 minutes later. There’s always that anticipation…reaching for the phone…hoping that by some miraculous feat the screen didn’t break…but, you find that this brand new phone is now a laceration hazard to your thumb.

I live in the great state of Colorado, home to many wonderful things. You’ve got the mountains, skiing, rafting…and…broken windshields. It seems like our highways grow rocks like some kind of twisted agriculture experiment gone wrong. Toss in the big rigs going down the road with these rocks and you feel like you are in Star Wars flying through an asteroid field. I’ve even seen car advertisements on Craiglist that say “This car has the Colorado Special” aka a broken windshield. Not only does Colorado have this little glass hazard to worry about, we are also smack dab in the middle of the “hail belt” (yeah, that exists). There has been hail literally the size of a tennis ball. Hail can wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and windows. Guess what that means? More broken glass!

Now you are probably saying to yourself…”yeah, yeah, yeah we get it, you have seen a lot of broken windows, windshields, and phone screens…why do I care?”. Well, I have the answer for that! Because of my experience with these sort of things, I have gained a lot of knowledge on what NOT to do. This blog will provide you with loads of information on how to protect your fragile assets and prevent the next glass-tastrophy (see what I did there?).